Saturday, July 25, 2020

1942 Harley WLA WWII Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson began producing the WLA in small numbers in 1940, as part of a general military expansion. The later entry of the United States into World War II saw significantly increased production, with over 90,000 being produced during the war (along with spare parts the equivalent of many more). Although many were produced only a few remaining are original. These are difficult to find in this great condition.

1942 Harley Davidson WLA Motorcycle

This is an older restoration that runs and drives well and with good title.

It is from the Colorado desert, so there is no rust or serious damage.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

1950's M-38A1C Recoilless Rifle Jeep

M-38A1C Recoilless Rifle Jeep, ready soon

WWII 1945 MB Jeep



1945 MB, from the desert, solid body, rebuilt engine, new gas tank, tires, seat cushions,

WWII 1942 GPW Jeep

1942 Ford GPW with new body, tires, seat cushions, rebuilt engine, etc. This is a project that we are finishing and it is almost ready. It is set up as a driver rather than a show Jeep. Please contact me for details at 970-217-3859

Fifteen military Jeeps, 1942-1968, contact me for details

Fifteen military Jeeps, 1942-1968, contact me for details
John Ferrie

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

WWII Soviet T-34 Tank *SOLD*

1941 Dodge WC MASH Ambulance *SOLD*

This ambulance is in the West Texas desert and it never had rust on it. Other than a scratch, it has been well cared for and serviced.

Dodge began producing light trucks immediately upon its formation in 1914. For the first few years these were based largely on the existing passenger cars, later specific chassis and body designs were used. Light- and medium-duty models were offered first, then a heavy-duty range was added during the 1930s and 1940s. Dodge produced its first prototypes of dedicated military trucks in late 1939: the 1/2 ton 4×4 VC series. Production of the VC series started in 1940. At the outset of World War II, Dodge produced the G-505 WC ½ ton series of military light trucks in 38 individual models, thousands of some models were produced, while only a few of some others were made. The WC ½ ton trucks replaced the 1940 VC-1 to VC-6 ½ton Dodge trucks which were also part of the G505 series. 79,771 of the ½ ton trucks were produced during late 1940–1942 under War Department contracts. WC models 1 to 50 were part of the 1/2 ton range and were 80% interchangeable in service parts with the later 3/4 ton models.

The Dodge WC series was a range of light military trucks produced by Dodge and Fargo during World War II. The series included weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks, ambulances, reconnaissance vehicles, mobile workshops and command cars. They were replaced after the war by the Dodge M-series vehicles. WC was a Dodge model code: W for 1941 and C for half-ton rating.

Entering production during 1941 to early 1942, they were specifically designed to serve as military ambulances. These early variants are distinguishable from the later ones by having a curved radiator grille, while the later ones (WC51 onwards) featured a flat grille. These versions were given a longer 123 in (3,100 mm) wheelbase.

    Length: 195 inches
    Height: 90 inches
    Weight: 5340 net
    Width: 75-13/16 inches
    Payload: 1300 LB

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WWII M-3 Anti-Tank Gun *SOLD*

M-3 37 mm from New Mexico ~SOLD

WWII M-3A1 Armored Car *SOLD*


Restored White M-3A1 Armored Scout Car

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1957 Soviet GAZ-46 MAW

I have for sale russian amphibian GAZ 46 MAW 1957 in great condition,
no rust, runs and swims perfectly

If you are interested please

British Ferret Armored Fighting Vehicle *SOLD*

The Ferret was developed in 1949 as a result of a British Army requirement issued in 1947. ‘Light reconnaissance cars’ existed in during the Second World War, notably the Daimler Reconnaissance Scout Car.

Given its experience with the successful “Dingo” (6,626 produced and one of two British AFVs produced throughout WWII) Daimler was awarded a development contract in October 1948, and in June 1950 the first prototype of the Car, Scout, 4×4, Liaison (Ferret) Mark 1 was delivered.

Given the designation FV 701(C) it was one of several versions but the one that most closely resembled the original Daimler scout cars, and represented the basic model Ferret. This shared many similar design features with the Dingo, notably the H form drive train in which a central differential eliminates loss of traction due to wheel-slip, and parallel drive shafts considerably reduced the height of the vehicle (roughly equivalent to that of a tracked AFV), considerably reducing the vehicle’s visual signature over conventional armoured car designs.[1]

Like the Daimler scout car the Ferret suspension consisted of pairs of transverse links and single coil springs, the wheels driven by Tracta constant-velocity joints, but the Ferret benefited from epicyclic reduction gears that reduced transmission torque loads, essential given the more powerful six cylinder 4.26 liter water-cooled Rolls Royce B.60 petrol engine. Connected by a fluid coupling to a pre-selector five-speed epicyclic gearbox, all gears being available in reverse, in its original form the Ferret this installation produced 116 bhp at 3,300 rpm and 129 bhp at 3,750 in its final form.

This improved power-to-weight ratio, longer wheelbase (2.29 m (7.5 ft) as compared with the Dingo’s 1.98 meters (6.5 feet)) and the fitting of larger 9.00 x 16 run flat tires both increased speed and mobility over broken ground.

When compared with the Daimler Dingo and Canadian Ford Lynx, the Ferret featured a larger fighting compartment, directly mounted to the hull (a feature that made the Ferret much noisier than Dingo, which lacked a full monocoque body).

Constructed of 6–16 mm (0.24–0.63 in) steel plate protecting the crew from shell splinters at most angles except directly overhead, as the basic vehicle was open-topped and unarmed, with the exception of six forward-firing grenade launchers fitted to the hull over the front wheels (normally carrying smoke grenades), a feature found on all subsequent marks and models.


Asking $39500.00.


Contact: Carlo Magno
Phone  (360) 771-1055   ~SOLD

WWII 1942 GPW Jeep *SOLD*

  1942 Ford GPW with new body, tires, seat cushions, rebuilt engine, etc. This is a project that we are finishing and it is almost ready. ...